Urbano - Arriva Italia - Cremona
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Travel info

On board it is mandatory to wear a mask and follow the provisions in force to combat the spread of the infection. In case of non-compliance with the above, the staff of Arriva Italia can ask the passenger to get off, without the right to any refund and, in case of resistance, the intervention of the Public Force may be requested. The company declines any responsibility in the event of accidents suffered by passengers who have not complied with the aforementioned requirements.

Passengers are prohibited from smoking (Law 584/75 and subsequent amendments), transporting harmful and dangerous, smelly and / or flammable substances and / or objects, accessing the vehicle in a state of intoxication or in conditions that offend decency or disturbance to other passengers, occupying more than one seat and / or cluttering the boarding and alighting areas without reason, carrying out advertising, commercial, begging and fund-raising activities, soiling, damaging and / or tampering with parts or equipment of the cars, use without the need for the stop request signal or the emergency door opening command, throw waste and objects on the ground and from the windows.

Passengers are required to adopt respectful and collaborative behavior towards drivers in order to encourage them in the performance of the service. It is possible to ask the driver for information, without however distracting him from driving functions, in order to ensure the safety of all passengers.

Stazione – Corso Garibaldi – Via Giordano – Via XX Settembre – Stazione
San Sigismondo – (Piazza Roma) – (Via Santa Barbara) – Stazione – Boschetto
Barriera Po – Piazza Roma – Stazione – Ospedale
Cremona Solidale – Cimitero – Stazione – Ospedale – Cremona Solidale
Bonemerse – Ospedale – Stazione – Cava – Spinadesco
San Marino Iper – Cremona
San Savino – Autostazione
San Felice – Autostazione
Castelverde – Costa Sant’Abramo – Picenengo – Cremona
Castelverde – Migliaro – Autostazione
Persico – Persichello – Maristella – Cremona
Quartiere Cambonino – Stazione – (Pizza Roma) – (Via Santa Barbara) – Quartiere Zaist
Geriatrico – Ospedale – Stazione – Cimitero – Geriatrico
Autostazione – Università – Piazzale Azzurri d’Italia
Stagno Lombardo – Autostazione