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On-Call service for the territory of Cremona

Stradibus is the flexible, reservation-based transport service created to bring public transport closer to the real needs of people, who increasingly need to travel to different locations and at variable times for multiple reasons.
It is possible to book Stradibus through the ArrivaClickIT app. Download it now!
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How to use Stradibus

Book your ride from the app!

It is possible to use Stradibus service to make any intercity journey within the service area, but also to reach connection stops with bus lines and with the railway, thanks to the stops nearby the railway stations.
It is also possible to make urban trips within the same town, for example moving from the center to the sports or industrial area or from a hamlet to the town centre.


To book a ride through the ArrivaClickIT app, simply open the app and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the date and time of the trip
  2. Select the starting point on the map
  3. Select the arrival point on the map
  4. Confirm the data entered and check the availability of the shuttles

Service is subject to availability. It is possible to book a journey or a series of journeys, with a maximum of 14 bookings. Bookings must be carried out at least 24h in advance, and at maximum 14 days in advance.

For information regarding the Stradibus service please reach out through our Contact Form

To cancel a reservated journey, open the Arriva ClickIT app, select the menu at top left, and in the “Booked trips” section, cancel the journey of your interest

When boarding the bus, the passenger must be in possession of a suitable and valid travel document issued by the Company or documentation certifying admission to free movement on buses in accordance with current legislation.
The travel document is personal and non-transferable and must be validated during the ascent (*), shown to the driver and kept intact and recognizable for the entire duration of the journey and up to the descent stop, as well as exhibited at the request of the security personnel.
All season tickets, with the exception of the annual student season ticket, must always be accompanied by a valid identification card, the number of which must be indicated on the season ticket by the season ticket holder.

The travel documents offered for sale to use Stradibus are:

  • ordinary ticket valid for one way only (outward or return)
  • 5-day pass, valid for 5 working days during the reference week
  • weekly pass, valid 7 days during the reference week
  • 10-journey carnet, valid for 3 months from the first validation for 10 journeys, usable by several people at the same time
  • monthly subscription, valid every day of the reference month
  • annual subscription, valid for 12 months every day of the week
  • annual student pass, valid for 12 months, from 1 September

Single journey tickets can also be purchased directly on board the buses, without applying the surcharge.

(*) Annual passes do not need to be validated – Weekly, monthly and quarterly passes must be validated the first time they are used.

Passengers without a regular travel document, with an invalid or counterfeit travel document, without an identification card or with an expired identification card or who in any case commit fare evasion and/or travel irregularities, are subject to the payment of an administrative fine by the Lombardy Regional Law n. 6 of 04/04/2012 and subsequent amendments and additions.


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It includes the territory of the Municipalities of Bozzolo, Cà d’Andrea, Calvatone, Cappella Picenardi, Casteldidone, Cicognolo, Cingia de ‘Botti, Derovere, Drizzona, Gabbioneta, Isola Dovarese, Ostiano, Pessina Cremonese, Piadena, Pieve San Giacomo, Rivarolo del Re, Rivarolo Mantovano, San Giovanni in Croce, San Martino del Lago (only the hamlets of Ca ‘de’ Soresini and Villa Talamazzi), Solarolo Rainerio, Spineda, Tornata, Torre de ‘Picenardi, Vescovato and Voltido.

The service operates on weekdays from Monday to Saturday from 6.30 to 19.30.

Soresina – Castelleone

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Includes the territory of the Municipalities of Annicco (for the hamlets of Barzaniga and Grontorto only), Azzanello, Bordolano, Cappella Cantone, Casalbuttano, Casalmorano, Castelleone, Castelvisconti, Corte dè Cortesi con Cignone, Formigara, Gombito, Montodine, Paderno Ponchielli, San Bassano , Soresina and Ossolaro.

The service operates on weekdays:
summer from Monday to Friday from 6.50 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00
winter from Monday to Friday from 6.30 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00 | Saturday from 6.30 to 12.00