ID Card - Arriva Italia - Cremona
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ID Card

Weekly and monthly passes must be accompanied by a personal identification card.

All other types of passes are valid only if combined with a personal identification card, the number of which must always be correctly reported on the pass itself.

The duplicate pass is issued upon request by the user, using the Duplicate Subscription Form, to be presented at the ticket office in Piazza delle Tramvie in Cremona, simultaneously delivering the report of theft and loss issued by the carabinieri:

  • for the identification card, the issuance of the card is free

We remind you that in case of theft or loss of monthly and weekly passes, it is not possible to issue a duplicate.

Those in possession of an identification card with its weekly or monthly pass can travel between the two locations, even at intermediate stops.

The identification card is valid for 5 years and is issued by the operator company, upon payment of an amount of:

  • € 6.50 for the urban service
    € 7.50 for the extra-urban service

to partially cover the issue costs.